CWD 'The Chinese Take away'

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CWD 'The Chinese Take away'
CWD 'The Chinese Take away'
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Chinese Water Deer

The Chinese water deer or also known as the vampire deer is a delicious meat, the fat covering on it really is a treat. This species of deer was a park escapee from whipsnade zoo and also Woburn Abbey. Unlike the muntjac this deer has not spread as far and will be found in small pockets over central England and Norfolk Broads. In this box you can have again either butchered or unbutchered. in a butchered box you will get approx 8kg of boneless meat. 

  • The Haunches Boned & Rolled or butterflied,
  • saddle Boned & Rolled,
  • shoulders Diced
  • All trim minced.

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